Exercícios 1 : Presente Simples

Exercícios Inglês – Presente Simples

1) Turn the sentences into negative form: a) She says he’s handsome.
b) They love each other.
c) I want to buy a new bag for me.
d) We need some pieces here.
e) It plays all day long with that bone.


2) Turn the sentences into interrogative form:
a) It rains for hours.
b) They swim every day.
c) You study because you like to.
d) We study in the same class.
e) He gets up at 7 AM.

3) Complete with “do” or “does”:
a) _____ they play soccer every weekend?

b) _____ it need to be fed?

c) _____ we really have to go?
4) Find the mistakes:
a) I like don’t to be a child.
b) She never say she’s intelligent.
c) It does bites.
5) Put the words in the correct order:
a) music listen don’t to tonight.
b) gray want don’t I the color.
c) it have does a view?

6) Complete the chart with verbs in the correct form for “he”, “she” or “it”:
Example: want -> wants


7) Choose the correct answer in the parenthesis:
a) She ___ (hass/has) to buy a new house.

b) He ___ (needs/needes) a key.

c) She ____ (dos/does) favors for everyone.

d) It ____ (cryes/cries) every day.


8) Choose the correct answer for the following question:
What does she want from me?

a) She’s a very good-looking person.
b) She wants to be alone, I guess.
c) Perhaps she needs your help.
d) No one knows where she has gone.



1-a)She doesn`t say he`s handsome

b)They don`t love each other

c)I don`t want to buy a new bag for me

d)We don`t need some pieces here

e)It doesn`t play all day long with that bone


2-a)Does it rain for hours?

b)Do they swim every day?

c)Do you study because you like to?

d)Do we study in the same class?

e)Does he get up at 7 AM?






4-a)like don`t -> don`t like

b)say -> says

c)bites -> bite


5-a)Don`t listen to music tonight

b)I don`t want the gray color

c)Does it have a view?














8-Item c

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