Exercícios 3: Pronomes Pessoais

Exercícios Inglês – Pronomes Pessoais

1)Correct the mistakes, if necessary:


a)This car is mine.

b)Ours kitchen is the most comfortable.

c)Robert made by hisself his own house.

d)They have gone by theyselves.

e)Every morning I make mine own bed.

f)She never studies by herself.

g)Stephanie likes to wash hers ears.


2)Which is the correct sentence:
a)Mine is blue.

b)My is green.

c)Her is yellow.

d)Theirs belts are old.


3)Which is the incorrect sentence:
a)This work was made by he.

b)No one needs to know what they have made.

c)Sheila loves her husband.

d)Arthur prepared everything all by himself.


4)Complete the chart:
______ -> Mine

His -> ________

Her -> ________

________-> Its

Their -> ________


5)Give the correct answers:


a)It seems that _____ (it’s/its) leg is not okay.

b)Edward showed _____ (his/he’s) new palace.

c)Samba is the most exciting dance I could perform with _____ (my/mine) wife.

d)_____ (Its/It’s) drawer is really big, isn’t it?

e)_____ (He/Him) couldn’t travel alone this time.

f)John tried to put _____ (him/himself) in danger.

g)We couldn’t believe that she would be able to eat all be ____ (her/herself).

h)____ (Their/They) advice was useful at that day.


1-a)not necessary

b)ours -> our

c)hisself -> himself

d)theyselves -> themselves

e)mine -> my

f)not necessary

g)hers -> her


2-Item a


3-Item a


My -> Mine

His -> His

Her -> Hers

Its -> Its

Their -> Theirs











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